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LETTER: Published 5/5/17: Support from Herb Lev

LETTER: Published 5/5/17: Support from Nora and Mark Brenneis

LETTER: Published 5/5/17: Support from Council member Alex Roman

LETTER: Published 5/3/17: Support For Ryan, McEvoy, Piccuirro (Larry and Mary Bovich)

NEW: Published 5/3/17:  Why you should vote for me:

LETTER: Published 5/1/17:  McEvoy will Fight for Verona (Michele Bernadino)

NEW:   Published 4/29/17:  Link To Forum Videos from

 Published 4/28/17: Verona Candidates Sound off At Forum

Published 4/26/17: Verona Candidates share views on budgeting

Published 4/25/17:  Candidates Questions#6:  Municipal Employment

Published 4/21/17: Verona Candidates Weigh In: Traffic Issues

:  Published 4/20/17: Letter of Endorsement: Jack McEvoy Cares (Steve Foster)

LETTER: Published 4/18/17: Letter of Endorsement: Support Jack McEvoy for Town Council  (Scott Chesney

Published 4/11/17: Candidates Question#5: How to appeal to residents that speed

LETTER  Published 4/6/6: Letter of Endorsement: Support Hardworking Candidates Ryan, McEvoy (Lisa Sivo)

Published 4/4/17: Candidates Question#4: What do prospective voters ask you about most

Published 3/28/17: Candidates Questions#3: Most rewarding volunteer work and why

LETTER Published 3/28/17: Letter of Endorsement: Support Ryan, McEvoy (Al DeOld)

LETTER Published 3/27/17: Letter of Endorsement: Keep the Improvements Coming (John Sampers)

Published 3/21/17:  Candidates Question#2: Eliminate one ordinance and tell us why

Published 3/14/18: Candidates Question#1: Verona’s biggest challenge

Published 3/10/17: Candidate Statement from Jack McEvoy