Candidate Statement from Verona Town Council Candidate Jack McEvoy

Verona has been my home for my entire life.

I attended OLL and graduated VHS with the class of ’84. My mom Angelica still lives on Ann Street, where she and my father Jim brought me up with my two brothers Michael and Jimmy and my two sisters Christine and Roseann. I am married to a fellow VHS graduate, Jessica Pearson, ’84, and we live on Montclair Avenue.

I gained my degree in Business at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina, and moved back to Verona where, after years of working with and learning construction from my dad, I formed my own contracting business. I have also become a licensed home inspector, which is my prime concentration now.

As a lifelong Verona native, I feel a deep allegiance and heartfelt connection to our township. I have volunteered at OLL for various events alongside my family, and have participated in many of the Verona Environmental Commission activities and cleanups.

I have also served as a member on the Hillwood Terrace Board for about 15 years.

A little over 5 years ago I began regularly attending Town Council, Board of Adjustment and Planning Board meetings and found that there were far more areas of concern than I was aware of and that needed to be addressed.  While the townships saw development continue at a rapid pace, commercial vacancies were at a seemingly all time high all while the tax payer was being hit hard.  Going to all of these meeting gave me an extensive education and a substantial understanding of how each body correlates and functions with each other.

I have a number of ideas on how to improve our township, our downtown business center, our pedestrian safety and am committed to keeping our town sustainable and green. I know what lies ahead insofar as our plans to improve the Library and Firehouse 2 and want to make sure that we negotiate fair construction contracts so that we don’t overspend or go over budget.

I have been very pleased with the current Council’s momentum and with the changes that they’ve implemented so far.

I know that with my background in contracting, my lifelong relationship with our town and my broad involvement and understanding in our municipal affairs that I can make our Council and leadership even better.

It’s very easy to just sit things out while grumbling about taxes or about the things that we think we can’t change. But with effort and with work, we can.

One important takeaway I’ve learned from attending all of these meetings is that we can always do better and I know that I can help to make “better” happen.

Thank You and Please vote for me on May 9th