Letter of Support by Steve Foster

To The Editor:

With a little more than two weeks to Verona’s Municipal elections one candidate – Jack McEvoy– stands head and shoulders above all the others.

Jack was born and raised in Verona, is a lifelong resident and a homeowner, property owner, business owner and is available 24-7.

Jack has diligently attended Council Meetings, Planning Board and Board of Adjustment meetings for several years. What other candidate can make such a claim?

Jack is concerned about the environment, regularly participating in clean ups on the Hilltop and Peckman river.

He is on the Board of Hillwood Terrace, showing his concern for our senior citizens. During a recent snow storm, when returning from shoveling out his mother’s property, he saw a lady with a corner property struggling to clean her walk. Jack stopped, opened the back of his truck, took out his snow blower and proceeded to clean up the entire property.

On a weekly basis the MyVeronaNJ website asks each candidate to respond to a question about a community issue. Responses are printed in the order received and without any editorial corrections. Jack is always the first to reply with specifics not generalities. The initial question addressed town ordinances. Jack responded with suggestions for revisions/updates. The other candidates replied in broad generalities. The case has been the same for each succeeding week’s question.

In a recent letter, Scott Chesney wrote more expansively on Jack’s qualifications. If you have not read this letter, I urge you to do so.

Jack’s campaign slogan is “Verona Cares”. I would suggest that slogan should be expanded to “Jack McEvoy cares for Verona”.

I urge everyone to go to the polls on May 9th and cast your vote for Jack McEvoy. He cares.

Very truly yours,

Steve Foster
19 Montclair Avenue