Support for McEvoy, Ryan, Piccuirro

To The Editor:

Please vote for Kevin Ryan, Jack McEvoy, and Christopher Piccuirro for Verona Town Council next Tuesday, May 9th.

We support these 3 candidates because they will keep the Town Council moving forward in a positive direction with Council Members Michael Nochimson and Alex Roman: listening to and representing the wishes of every resident and taxpayer; keeping our taxes as low as possible while spending every tax dollar wisely with absolute honesty, integrity and transparency; and ultimately maintaining and improving services and safety for all Verona residents.

We want candidates that have no motives other than a love and care for Verona. We want qualified and bright Council Members who think individually, not as a unit, with varying and unique perspectives, members who might not always agree but are willing to discuss and problem solve for the benefit of Verona taxpayers and residents. We want members who are willing to listen to residents concerns and suggestions. Mayor Kevin Ryan has certainly proven he fits that bill and Jack McEvoy and Chris Piccuirro will be new additions of the same ideals.

Kevin Ryan has kept his promises while serving on the Council and during the last 3 years, along with Nochimson and Roman, he helped stopped the closed-door, “tax and spend gravy train” ways of the former town manager and his town council voting block. Kevin helped transform our municipal government into a well-run municipality under the direction and oversight of the Town Council, and the management of our new Town Manager, Matt Cavallo, and our new Chief Financial Officer, Matt Laracy. They succeeded in a zero tax increase over the last 2 years, while maintaining and improving services.

Jack McEvoy has been a part of the positive change we enjoy today as he has been attending Town Council, Planning Board and Adjustment meetings for 5 years and is outspoken at the podium, making suggestions that have benefited all residents. Jack is a life-long Verona resident, and a licensed home inspector after running his own contracting business. Jack’s goals address a wide spectrum of issues including safety, budgetary oversight of new building projects and developments, and capital savings for future needs. Jack will hit the ground running as a new Council Member.

Chris Piccuirro wishes to join the Town Council to work hard to continue in this positive direction. As a father of young children, Chris will add another unique and individual perspective to the Council. Chris’ goals also address a wide range of issues including safety, preparing and planning for Verona’s growing community and increasing population, and staying on top of cost-effective and current technology changes, services and needs. As a bright computer engineer he is a trained and experienced problem solver and will use his knowledge and background to benefit all Verona residents and taxpayers.

Additionally, we are supporting Chris, Jack and Kevin, because they have been running their individual campaigns based only on facts without attacking other candidates. They are simply in the race because they love Verona and wish to serve our community with fairness, integrity and honesty.

Please visit the candidates’ websites, read their answers to weekly candidate questions and watch the recent candidates’ forum (on this website, MyVeronaNJ). Also, watch recent Verona Council meetings on Youtube. The choice will be clear: Vote for Kevin Ryan, Jack McEvoy and Chris Piccuirro on May 9th.

Mary and Larry Bovich