Public Participation (videos)

*New: From Monday  April 17 2017

I truly believe that public participation and being involved in the process can have a profound impact on public awareness, opinions and policy.

Watch Videos below:  Videos from present day until the start of youtube broadcast in May of 2015

March 6, 2017 Pedestrian Safety


February 21, 2017 Pilot/Fields/ Crosswalks


February 6, 2017 Field Overspending


Jan 17, 2017  Business lighting regulations


Oct 17, 2016  Recycling


Sept 12, 2016 Avenue Safety


June 6, 2016  Website update/Safety/Construction companies expense


May 16, 2016: Road Paving


May 2, 2016- Avenue Safety


March 21, 2016: Parking


Dec 8, 2015: Turf Savings


Oct 5, 2015: Recycling/Avenue Safety


July 20,2015 Deed Restriction


May 1, 2015: Hilltop Field Usage

How did these videos get on Youtube? 

Jessica pressed the council for about 4 months to get them to post council meetings on Youtube so that everyone could watch at their own convenience.  Transparency and accessibility to information and the process should be easy for all of our residents.   
It finally happened in May of 2015.